Dear Gold Goblins of my twitter feed,

Thankyou all for providing us useful tips and advice, for putting much effort into your guides, feeds and blogs and being friendly and helpful to outsiders. I mean that sincerely which is why its so painful to feel the need to say the following...


To put it a bit more eloquently, I understand you have great pride in your hobby, its totally reasonable to defend your writing, it really is valuable to your followers when you declare and provide reasoned arguments why someone else is wrong in their claims or theories. However name calling, ganging up to repeatedly have a poke at individuals, attacks on character rather than content...all just make the whole little community look like a bunch of kids picking on each other in the playground.

Yes there have been rare occasions where i can understand people needing to express such outrage, where many have been conned out of money and work based on promises that were never going to be realised but none of the squabbles in recent months have had any such effects on any of the participants.

-If you read something you consider wrong, write about it yourself offering your evidence and theories but leave out the personal knock downs, who cares if someone else is writing crap as long as you are writing quality. Not everything in life has to impersonate the way politicians/ 5year olds deal with each other, rise above it and concentrate on being awesome rather than whether your competition is being awesome or not.

-If you do feel the need to directly attack someone then do so in the form of another post, outlining the issues, your opinions and your evidence and allow the discussion to continue there rather than boring the rest of us in twitter with your jibes at each other.

Who the hell am i to say all this, what business is it of mine? Iím just a reader/viewer/follower, thereís no compelling reason why you should listen to me, Iím no-one special. But i hope you do because i enjoy what you bring to twitter, to wow, to the interwebs and i want to see you all reaching whatever level of success you are reaching for, act more grown up and enough people might take you seriously enough to make it happen. If you are sitting there feeling the urge to tell me to Foff then please feel free to, its my opinion and hope and nothing more...


PS. heading off the first question, is this about you? well think about what youve written and posted about others, it shouldnít be hard to figure out whether you fit the accusations above. Also I am opening comments so that as well as the spambots you are all free to hate me anonymously should you feel the need.