• Dear Gold Goblins of my twitter feed

    Dear Gold Goblins of my twitter feed,

    Thankyou all for providing us useful tips and advice, for putting much effort into your guides, feeds and blogs and being friendly and helpful to outsiders. I mean that sincerely which is why its so painful to feel the need to say the following...


    To put it a bit more eloquently, I understand you have great pride in your hobby, its totally reasonable to defend your writing, it really is valuable to your followers when you declare and provide reasoned arguments why someone else is wrong in their claims or theories. However name calling, ganging up to repeatedly have a poke at individuals, attacks on character rather than content...all just make the whole little community look like a bunch of kids picking on each other in the playground.

    Yes there have been rare occasions where i can understand people needing to express such outrage, where many have been conned out of money and work based on promises that were never going to be realised but none of the squabbles in recent months have had any such effects on any of the participants.

    -If you read something you consider wrong, write about it yourself offering your evidence and theories but leave out the personal knock downs, who cares if someone else is writing crap as long as you are writing quality. Not everything in life has to impersonate the way politicians/ 5year olds deal with each other, rise above it and concentrate on being awesome rather than whether your competition is being awesome or not.

    -If you do feel the need to directly attack someone then do so in the form of another post, outlining the issues, your opinions and your evidence and allow the discussion to continue there rather than boring the rest of us in twitter with your jibes at each other.

    Who the hell am i to say all this, what business is it of mine? Iím just a reader/viewer/follower, thereís no compelling reason why you should listen to me, Iím no-one special. But i hope you do because i enjoy what you bring to twitter, to wow, to the interwebs and i want to see you all reaching whatever level of success you are reaching for, act more grown up and enough people might take you seriously enough to make it happen. If you are sitting there feeling the urge to tell me to Foff then please feel free to, its my opinion and hope and nothing more...


    PS. heading off the first question, is this about you? well think about what youve written and posted about others, it shouldnít be hard to figure out whether you fit the accusations above. Also I am opening comments so that as well as the spambots you are all free to hate me anonymously should you feel the need.

  • Pet naming

    I have 120+ pets, and i know serious pet collectors have significantly more. One thing patch 5.0.4 has brought us is the chance to rename our pets. All of them.

    My first thought on this was 'AWESOME!!' (i was one of those nutters who renamed all their pets in pokemon on the gb), my second thought was 'thats kinda a lot of names to think up' and ive been considering it ever since. As usual I have manged to turn this internal discussion into a logical process and have narrowed down my name selection process to a number of different ideas;

    1) Freestyle! Under this prinicple i would only bother naming pets when i actually used them and then would base the name purely on what came to mind at the time. This is one of the easiesst options as it involves no effort now but has the disadvantage that there is no theme and well, i like themes!

    2) Book characters! I read, well listen, to a lot of books. Ive often considered naming characters in game based on my favorite characters from my favorite books but Ive never done so because i worry i would essentially let the name down by not being as awesome as the character i am knicking the name off. Its probably against the t&c's as well though given the names in game i see every day i dont think they care much about that unless they get complaints. A big question with this option is do i have enough favourite characters to cover all my pets. should i try and name them by which pet fits the character the most or just random it up?

    3) Comedy names! most of my characters have silly names though in my defence Mcfluffy was always supposed to be a one off joke that for some reason stuck like glue. Dare i test my humour agains 120 different types of pet, will i be able to come up with something funny for each of them?

    4) Groups. We now have a lot of information available about how pet battles will work, what stats and attacks different pets will have and what types are strong/weak against what types. as such it should be possible to come up with some basic teams of pets, and each team could have its own theme. I could have a team for each of my favoirte books, a team for my favorite scientists, a team of cartoon characters that would never be seen together in a million years and so forth.

    5)Public influence. this is probably an exceptionally bad idea but could be entertaining at the same time (Im assuming we can rename pets after the first time?) of basically just getting guildies, people in trade, people in dungeon groups to suggest names they like. It could uncover some awesome name ive just never thought of, it could also mean all my pets will be named after slang words for penis, such is the risk of bringing the public into such decisions!

    And they are the options ive come up with at the mo. What are your plans for naming your pets?!

  • competitive blogging - the directors cut

    The following was the end to very large post, however the rest of the post was rather boring and repetitive so ive just kept the end of it which, in my head at least, sums up the original post quite nicely!


    a silly analogy to finish on...

    I love bacon sandwiches. 3rd only to my wife and our cat(when he behaves). I like my bacon sandwiches a specific way, and i could post about it in my bacon blog that, due to the popularity of bacon i get a small income stream from advertising etc. a few weeks later, doing my rounds reading the other bacon blogs, I find someone else has posted exactly the same way to prepare bacon sandwiches. my choices are

    a) demand that they credit me for the idea and/or accuse them of plaguerism in public
    b) realise that its likely many people like their bacon the same way as me and maybe strike up an awesome bacon discussion with the other author where we share and discuss our bacony ideas and dreams.

    For me at least b) will always be the correct answer, especially when the subject matter is not complex and there are many thousands of people interested in the subject. Now if i had developed a whole new type of magic bacon.... but thats a whole other post!

  • its free and we're very sorry to be saving you money!

    So, as 10 bazillion tweets, the email confirmation, and every WoW new site in multiple galaxies has told us this morning there is no longer a cost associated with the mobile armoury/AH. Whatís more those of us that have been paying for it are getting 'compensated' for it.

    I'll get onto the compensation bit in a minute. First of all what does this mean? Well it means its free DUH! but no, thatís not what i mean, instead what does it mean for the WoW community, will it make a difference to many people?

    First thing it will do that may prove noticeable to many guilds is that when it comes to raid time and you're wondering whether so-and-so is actually going to bother turning up you might just get them logging onto the app to tell you theyíre running late because they wanted to pick up pie or whatever is causing the delay. Of course not everyone will have a phone capable of running the app and even if they do not all may be willing or keen to use it so its not going to guarantee improved communications, hopefully it will though!

    The second most notable thing it will do is increase the number of people posting auctions during the day. Again not everyoneís going to bother using this but i do believe the effect will be noticeable, even if say only 1% of the active player base decide to use it. It is unlikely to effect certain markets such as glyphs due to the daily limit on transactions through the app allowing for posting around half of the glyphs once when in game we are often undercutting all glyphs every few minutes during busy times. It will also allow people to hunt for bargains, good for the general populations, just a little bit more competition for the people that make their gold off bargain hunting.

    Now onto the fun part, compensation!! If your gas company came to you and said 'hi, you donít have to pay for your boiler cover anymore, we'll give it you for free' you'd be thrilled, if your favourite cafe declared that all your drinks were free from now on youíd be overjoyed. I cant imagine anyone (apart from perhaps my grandfather but thatís a whole different story) complaining about such things, and I definitely would never expect them to compensate me for it. Yet thatís exactly what theyíve done, a pet a nd a week of game time all to compensate us for not having to pay as much each month. It truly boggles my mind!!

    I havenít had the chance to check the forums yet but Iím greatly looking forward to seeing how the compulsive complainers will complain about this one, my humanity tells me it should be impossible but my reality checker knows some people will, and theyíll mean it too. They will be truly offended by this somehow and take it as a personal attack from blizzard.

    So why have they done it this way? there has been plenty of speculation.... maybe they are bringing in mobile pet battles, maybe they figure this will encourage more people to stay playing the game, maybe they are still planning on combining it with more social media, not of these are provable and i doubt blizzard will start telling us its master plan anytime soon.

    Me personally, if i had to bet it would be on them moving towards the app literally being a '' app, allowing us to manage our accounts, play future mobile mini games, use mobile ah type facility for WoW, Diablo and future games, literally a platform for them to build on and that is why they have made it free, because to make it a reasonable endeavour they want as much of their userbase as possible using it already when they start introducing the new features.

    and that it, ive actually written a short post about something relevant...yaaaaay!

  • Plans for MoP

    With the new expansion coming soon (ish!.. hopefully) I have started planning what to do when it hits (apart from spending a day trying unsuccessfully tying to log in of course!) Iíve come up with the following options, they are not mutually exclusive, in fact some would likely complement each other, but Iíve broken them down so i can easily get my head round them;

    1. Gold gold gold!
    2. Achievement, achievement, achievement!
    3. Level level level!
    4. Panda, panda, panda!
    5. Pokemon, pokemon, pokemon!

    1. Gold gold gold!
    herbs, ore, meat plus a concerted push on progressing professions early could net a huge amount of gold. Fortunes have been made in the first month of an expansion.

    As many gold sinks as Blizz come up with every server still has many players that could be identified as rich who will use their wealth to advance themselves quickly, as well as guilds that like to compete for server firsts or at least progression against other guilds on the server. Both use their amassed wealth to buy what they cant get themselves as soon as they are put up for sale, no matter how ridiculous the price.

    The lucky person that gets the first tier gear recipes and plans will likely make tens of thousands profit on every item and demand will exceed the supply of mats. the farmers will initially be able to charge 20 times the eventual value of ore and herbs and see them be snapped up in minutes. Even the none cutting edge markets will see a hge boost, current enchants, potions, flasks glyphs and gear will be in demand as people level up alts, start up professions en masse and within days prices will start to skyrocket on these as people discover thereís hardly any supply of the materials for these anymore.

    A disadvantage to this route is much of the new crafting requires you to go out and quest, level etc to get mats, buy the patterns and so forth, whilst the most dedicated AH goblin will be able to make their millions never going further than the mailbox most will at some point need to actually go out and do something to progress their gold making.

    2. Achievement, achievement, achievement!
    and by achievement i mean server first achievements, reputations, and pretty much any other achievement which comes with either status or regard (preferably in pet or mount form!).

    It amazed me how long it took for certain achievements to be got at the start of cataclysm on the server i was on then, if id known no one was going for them I could have got two with very little effort, but like everyone else i just assumed someone else would be going for them. Fishing, archaeology, first aid... there is little honour to be gained by getting these ones, they are not exactly hard to do but still a server first is an exciting prospect.

    As for none server first achievements, this involves prioritising what you want first, then going for it. In reality, for me at least, it is guild achievements I would be interested in chasing first, unlocking whatever resources are added with the expansion, be it whatever replaces fish feasts, cauldrons, banners, cloaks etc etc. This one cant be done in isolation, by aiming for these achievements we will end up heading towards at least one of the other options.

    There is no real disadvantage from going for achievements, though going for server firsts, especially the secondary profession ones does not advance you further and sods law almost guarantees that the one time i attempted to get them would be the one time others had exactly the same idea.

    3. Level level level!
    this is the one I chose for cataclysm, 3 days and very little sleep later my main was 85 and i was doing dungeons and starting to gear up for the raids and other challenges ahead. This is probably the sensible choice, the quicker i can get to 90 and geared up the quicker I can help the rest in the guild do the same getting raids and dungeon events organised and resources coming in quickly.

    The same problems that occurred at the start of cataclysm will occur with MoP to varying degrees, overcrowded questing areas where one day all mobs are consistently killed and looted before you can get to them and the next day the mobs are respawning too fast for the few that are still on the section of quests with the majority having moved on.

    Then thereís the choice of which character to level, do you go for your tried and trusted main of cataclysm or do you go with the class that comes out in front when the expansion launches (there is always one). Will my holy paladin still be of most benefit to the guild or would switching to my shaman to level first bring more value to when we start progression? Do we need another role entirely, should i switch to the hunter or mage, or convert my deathnight or paladin into a tank (and for any guildies reading this, no i am not going to turn into a tank, these are hypothetical options! ;-)

    4. Panda, panda, Panda!
    This is an outsider on the list, I normally level alts when I donít have much left to do on my mains. But still, i like the sound of pandas, Iím intrigued by monk healing and id like to experience the new starting zones sooner rather than later.

    This option provides the single biggest 'new experience' weíve had in WoW since deathnights, new race, class and zone combine for what i hope will be a truly refreshing experience. I know i could go onto the beta and give them a go but i tend not to go in for big betas as i rarely feel i can give any valuable feedback that hasnít already been identified.

    The two apparent disadvantage to this option are that a) its a pretty big delay to get a maxed level character for raiding and the like, and b) competing with hundreds/thousands of other characters in a starting zone where i donít even have any skills to entertain me is not that inviting.

    5. Pokemon, pokemon, pokemon!
    the most outrageous of all the options, I have had a thought quietly lingering in my mind that maybe i cant be arsed with all the levelling up, raiding and gearing up again. Maybe, just maybe, all i want to be is the dude that has all the pets and knows how to use them!

    Given the reactions pet battles have been getting on beta this might not actually be as outrageous as i first implied, its looking fun, detailed and a superb time sink. My 144 pets looks small compared to the amount we will be getting in MoP and the collector inside me is chomping at the bit to get started.

    This also ties in with a few of the other options nicely. gold can be made by training and trading captured pets, you could in theory do it whilst levelling as you will be naturally travelling around the world giving plenty of opportunity to pick up new pets. Im sure there must be achievements attached to collecting and battling pets though i dont know if you get anything for them.

    Finally pet battles is a sort of tame pvp, you still get to win or lose but donít have nto deal with the insane levels of anger that appear in proper pvp so much!


    Do you have options in mind that i havenít thought of? got a plan of action already? all comments or tweets etc gratefully received!

  • Boredom, Glyphs and new challenges: Week 2

    When I started this I made myself the promise that i was going to be excruciatingly honest, whether things were going good or bad. I nearly broke the rule this week, things werenít going well at the start and for a while i was really hating my own challenge. However, I have since recomposed myself and decided to stick with my original promise, warts and all;

    I returned home from work on Friday and after spending a few hours hanging out with my better half and the cat I logged on to start reposting my glyphs. The AH camper was back and we spent around 3 solid hours aggressively undercutting each other. My logic was Id scared him off the last time we'd locked pens (Inscriptor duelling humour?!) and wanted to get a good start on this week of the challenge. However... I was the one to give up first and Iím embarrassed to admit it really REALLY pissed me off. So much so I didnít touch WoW again until Sunday evening. (I played Tropico 3, awesome concept very badly implemented)

    Things started picking up again immediately when i started posting on Sunday night, good sales, no sign of the AH camper and the rest of the competition coming and going as they wished without monopolising the place. I became the AH camper, only a friendly version - Out of the 4 competitors Iíve briefly chatted with there are 2 that came across as friendly and polite and knowing neither spent too long posting glyphs at any one time I actually stepped aside when they logged on and gave them an hour or twos grace after they logged off to get some sales in. As counter intuitive as this may seem it meant less time for me sitting reposting and higher prices for everyone.. a small spoiler I made more this week than last week having only spend half the time I did last week on the ah.

    Monday and Tuesday daytimes were the biggest selling times for me, oddly demand has started dropping sharply at school/work home time (when I had expected it to be busiest), with most buyers buying 3 or 4 glyphs at a time (maybe more? when no competition is on i have the best price for around 2/3rds of all glyphs). It seems that increasingly people are returning to the game, all be it to level alts which is awesome for glyph sellers plus a number of other markets which maybe one day i will look at.

    The results for week 2!

    Total spent : 7600g (On whiptail and a few gold for posting fees)
    Total Glyphs sold : 242
    Total earned : 14122g
    Remaining stock:
    -approx 650 glyphs
    -approx 3700 inks

    Random stat of the week: my best selling glyph was 'word of glory' which sold 7 times during the week

    So a good week! Better sales than last week in over a considerably shorter active time period. Bag/ bank space is becoming a problem as i now have stock of nearly all glyphs, all the ink is stored away on a bank alt so thatís not proving too bad. I hope over the next few weeks to identify a bunch of glyphs that never sell (or at least have never sold for me) and separate them out into a storage account to streamline the process better.

    I also intend at some point to start producing more interesting statistics about whatís selling and when, however to do this I want an uninterrupted series of weeks and Iím getting married soon so there will be a break of 2 weeks in august when hopefully I wont be in a position to post anything at all!

  • Boredom, Glyphs and new challenges: Week 1

    Note: Due to work commitments I can only do WoW stuff Friday evening to Tuesday evening, so a week for me is technically 4 days plus incidental sales during the 3 I'm not there.

    In my first 24 hours I managed to annoy both the AH camper and another major competitor into setting up glyph walls. Well technically I think the second one was actually retaliation for the first one. Still, the first wall got put up at 15g, the second at 8g. The first got taken down after around 24 hours; the second was maintained but became very holey.

    I decided to buy up the 8g glyph wall, it was cheaper than I could make them for anyway and still had plenty of space for stock. They reposted it 2 more times and each time I bought them out (around 150 glyphs each, only 1 deep) before they then reposted many less glyphs but at a much higher price. A nice early victory!

    I restocked any glyphs that sold once a day and did a fair bit of AH sitting to get my presence felt, evening during the undercutting squabbles though I didnít take part, just watched and posted once it calmed down each evening. I bought a few more stacks of herbs, a few more glyphs that were posted silly cheap by random people.

    One unexpected element was having contact, all be it brief, with a couple of my competitors, one most agreeable, one a bit of an asshat. the latter I will have fun with trying to screw up any schemes or tactics they come up with, the former I will likely whitelist unless they do anything too dumb, one of my goals is to drive the prices up to something a bit more worthwhile, the more competitors I can convince to price match the more chance I have to achieve this.

    The results

    In total I sold 199 glyphs (Yes, I even stayed logged in an hour longer than I should have on Tuesday but that 1 to make it up to 200 never came!), all between 30 and 80g and made a total of 10730g.

    By the end of the same period I had spent just over 11k so overall I made a loss for the week of a few hundred gold, however I still have around 2100 inks and 370 premade glyphs so I hope to see profits rolling in on week two!

  • Boredom, Glyphs and new challenges

    Since I am getting bored of playing Diablo III and cant face levelling an alt I've decided to set myself a AH challenge, specifically glyphs. The reason I chose glyphs was due to resources, I was seeing lots of cheap herbs appearing and not selling, the temptation was too great!

    Now on a previous server I made most of the gold I have today through selling glyphs so Iíve got experience, but hadnít bothered to set up again on my current server because the prices the glyphs were selling for were 1/3 the prices I had been used to on the old server. As such I had a max level scribe with all the glyphs known and around 500 inks to start me off on the adventure.

    I monitored my competition for the first week using the undermine journal as well as manually refreshing AH searches to watch them have undercutting fights. I didnít do any posting, I just watched so I had a good idea what I was getting into. I learnt the following:

    - Glyphs were selling for between 4g and 80g
    - 4 big competitors with around half a dozen smaller ones
    - 2 of the big competitors have fallbacks of 50g and 79g respectively, the one with 79g always posting at 79g when the price goes higher.
    - 1 of the big competitors is an AH sitter, 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week with only small breaks during the day except when they get fed up constantly being undercut (I know, kind of split personality for an AH sitter!)
    - undercutting battles generally went on for 5 undercuts on each side before one side or the other gave up, during 5 to 8pm theres nearly always at least 2 people battling it out at any one time

    So armed with the knowledge I set myself up;

    - Bought out all herbs I could get my hands on for 1g10 or less, overnight so no one was about to see what I was doing! This amounted to around 450 stacks, just over 2500 inks (it took a day and a bit to mill and make all these, watched a lot of movies, was a good day).
    - set up TSM with one group for all glyphs,
    - 2 item posting limit
    - 2 item stock limit
    - 220g fallback (just in case enough competitors give up :P )
    - 30g threshold
    -bought a characters worth of inscription bags
    -made 2 of any glyph that was selling for over 30g

    and the game commenced... I shall be doing small weekly updates, good or bad performance up until I either get bored or the expansion comes along!

  • Why everyone is making millions of gold but you...

    There are guides. there are AH moguls that have reached varying levels of fame within the WoW world with blogs, twitter and so forth. No matter what server you are on chances are you could name at least one character who is know to be ultra rich and inevitably many other players envy/look up to these successful players and want what they have.

    This is not the norm

    Just like real life celebrity, the very first concept everyone needs to drill into themselves is this is not the norm. By the very concept of celebrity, if everyone started to be one then there would be no celebrity to become as being special would be the norm. (first person to rephrase that sentance into a well written one may earn my hero-for-the-day title).

    For every millionnaire in wow there are maybe 10k+ players who arent. Worse than that, the more people trying to become in game millionnaires the harder it will be for any of them to achieve it, especially when the majority of would-be's are using the same concepts to achieve their goals.

    It is true, anyone can get rich in WoW if they put in the effort, however the level of effort required is affected by many factors, and for the majority of players these factors add up to so much effort that its not practical/ rewarding enough for them to go through with it.

    Big ideas and diminishing returns

    'Whats the quickest way to make loads of gold?!' I'm a nobody on the goldmaking circuit and i get asked this incessently. I hate to think how tedious it must get for the big names to be asked this constantly.

    the popular and easiest answer is 'you cant'. This isnt entirely true however,there is a quick way, its called 'identify and act upon something totally original that noone else has ever thought of'. youve heard the saying, 'its the best thing since sliced bread'? well bassically to make lots of gold quick you need to come up with the next sliced bread in the WoW economy. For the 99.999% of us this isnt going to happen, hence the popular 'you cant' answer.

    Much more realistic for most is jumping on ideas that others have thought up. This can be a huge success assuming you are the first/biggest/best at it on your server, however the longer an idea is available for public consumption the more people will hear about it, the more people will try it and the more competition you have. On large servers the diminishing returns on this occur slower as the market can handle more supply, on the smaller servers a great idea can become a bad one if only a handful of people give it a go.

    The recent popular example is transmogging greens. A small handful of people struck upon the idea early, and have become renowned for their success, in some cases initial success, in other case continued success. Their success and postings on the subject brought the idea to the masses. Early adopters went on to their servers, found noone was doing it and had their own success stories. Since they had only been stockpiling since they heared about the idea their success was, whilst still huge3, often not as big as the initial starters.

    I was the first on my server, for around a week, and i did make a tidy profit on it but my profit was tens of thoasands compared to the millions the originators were making. Many people on my server have followed suit and as near as i can tell they are struggling to make thousands at this point. It is no , at least on my server, more of a sideline than a main business now, and i see this feeling being echoed from many players on many servers. It doesnt mean the idea is bad or the people who are still making loads are lying, they just got in on the market at an earlier stage and been able to set themselves up strong foundations to continue their success.

    Depends on your server

    the great small print and many guides/ techniques. after 'this is not the norm' , 'depends on your server' is the next most important thing to get into your head.

    Just because someones gotten rich off a technique or market on their server it does not necessarily mean that if you do the exact same thing you will make lots of gold too. there are loads of factors but to name just a few:

    - competition
    - demand
    - supply
    - server wealth
    - server interests (ie, rp realm, pvp realm, prog raiding realm etc)

    I made most of my gold off glyphs, I had a massive setup going on, huge stock, huge supply of mats. I server moved, taking my inscriptor accross with me and enough stock /mats to hit the ground running (this was not actually the plan, but thats a whole other post for another day). the server population was about the same, in fact many things were strikingly similar between the old and the new server. The one thing that was different was the percieved worth of glyphs. perception is something you can change over time but even listing 75% of the total glyphs on the AH at any one time i was only making 1/10th the gold i was on the old server whilst having to put in considerably more effort.

    the moral of the story is tactics work to differing levels depending on your server. a very few tried and tested tactics may work on all servers but the amount of profit you can make will always vary wildly depending on the server and the amount of effort you have to put in to make that profit will also vary wildly.

    Perception beats all!

    wrong! well, not quite that black and white but still... It is very true that you can create demand where there was no demand by barking in trade, you can use techniques to slowly push up prices on products, you can scare off competitors with a good poker face. I think of these as the positive factors that can effect your ability to make gold.

    A truly exceptional salesman or wiley trader can get rich off these things alone but the amount of effort they have to put in to maintain the perception is huge, for many people its a skill set they just havent ever learnt in the first place. it goes back to the first and the best priciple again, people can get rich off doing this, but only the very top of the crop.

    For most players they may be able to affect perception for short periods but the norm will almost always overwhelm their efforts within a few days/ weeks. On top of that short of getting people to buy gold (DONT BUY GOLD!) there is a server size driven limit on how much you can change the markets you want to change.

    exceptions to the rule
    The more succesful gold bloggers/casters/tweeters often head over to other peoples realms to offer advice/ prove they can make money using their methods anywhere. Even if they dont succeed you can bet the individual they came accross at the behest of will have benefitted massively from their advice and knowledge. However most often they do succeed.

    They make it look easy and its awesome to watch and learn from. this isnt a con, they are not using trickery. the reason for this success is simple, they have become experts in what they do. ive been watching lots of twitch feeds lately for a number of different gold makers. the one thing they all have in common is the blazing speed at which they do what they do, not exactly without thought but their ability to judge the worth of an item, spot deals, maintain stock, post acutions etc is a sight to behold. Most of the time they dont even realise how honed their techniques have become as they chat away and answer questions whilst going about their business in game.

    You too can be an exception to these rules, just be aware unless you got onboard early to a big idea then making the big money is going to take lots of effort and time until, one day, you reach tipping point and you start achieving your dream of making lots of gold and it all becomes second nature to you.

    good luck!

  • LFR at 1 frame a second!

    First a bit of background, I work a five day week, 3 of which are spent in the office which is two trains and 3 hours away. as such I crash for 2 nights a week with my soon to be brother in law. To deal with my WoW addiction I set up an old laptop as my away from home WoW machine. Unfortunately a month or two ago it died and whilst i managed to scrounge a few spare parts from an even older laptop the performance loss was enough that during many of the fights in LFR i drop to 1fps or below.

    Unfortunately our guild does LFR every week on one of the two nights im on this machine so after trying it a couple of times i dropped out and consoled myself listening to the antics via mumble.

    Yesterday the LFR envy got a bit much and I joined anyway, most people in the guild now are pretty well geared so I figured that at worst theyd be carrying me and at least id be there. So I went, we got both halves done and I was suprised at how much my knowledge of the fights had grown by doing 10 man and how, even not being able to see what was going on, I could operate at a basic level throughout the encounters.

    My visual awareness ranged from entirely static screens of spell effects to seeing my raid colleagues blink around the scenario. I could not effectively mouse turn, manually target and all my visual timers were way off. I could not see my key strokes activate the actions, stuff on the floor (till after id be dead if i was standing in it), for all intents and purposes unplayable.

    Yet I managed it, even getting respectable damage output on a few of the bosses and the only time i died was when thralls bouncy buff on the deathwing fight chose not to work and i fell to my death between platforms. How was this possible? I realised after the first couple of bosses that whilst my visual timers were screwed, the audio for everything that was going on was keeping time well, including my deadly boss mods move alerts, countowns and gtfo hockey siren.

    Combining these with my knowledge of the fights i was able to blindly move out of stuff on the floor, know when to switch targets or hit the button. targeting took me a while longer but ended up making tagert macros to attack the same target as others in the same role were, and follow macros to follow people i knew would be where i needed to be.

    To be clear i was still carried to a great extent, there was no way i could do everything i was supposed to based on sound and macros alone but i was pleasantly suprised at how possible it was and the great outcome is i think it is reasonable for me to go with the wednesday guild group again. Happy days!


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